Monday, April 13, 2009

Chinese Day of the Dead - 清明節

This is also called Tomb sweeping day. It's a day where we pay respects to our ancestors.

This is part of our respects to my 2 uncles, the food:

Ching Ming was never a big festival for me. I remember my mom would make a lot of food, and make even more offerings to my grandparents alter. She would make a lot of food for dinner. There would be fried sweet potatoes, fried peanut fritters, fried squid, and eggrolls. The fried sweet potatoes are my favorite. She would slice the sweet potatoes and dip it in batter, and fry it. I would pig out because my mom only makes it on this day.

Ching Ming changed for me after my 2 uncles passed away. It was the first time I had a close relative past away. It affected me and my family in a lot of ways. There was a lot of shock and sadness. Now, Ching Ming is celebrated differently.

It is now a huge family gathering. My whole clan goes to the cemetery where our uncles are buried. Everybody comes together at this time. There is a lot of food, whole roasted pigs, fried sweet potatoes, fruits, cakes and my uncles favorite dim sums. It is now a happy gathering for our family as we pay our respects to my uncles.

Now when the Ching Ming festival comes, it has a new meaning for me. It is a time for me to remember my 2 uncles. I really feel the need to go every year and pay my respects. I know they can feel the respect that we feel for them, the great memories, and the love.

It is especially during this time of the year that I remember great memories of my uncles. Y Uncle taught me how to drive. He is the reason that we can live in US and be happy here. X uncle watch us growing up, and we had great laughs with him. He gave me and my sis & bro nicknames that still crack us up now. They were great men, and I will always respect them.

*** This is a poem that is for Ching Ming Festival


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  1. what a lovely way to pay respects to your departed family members! Did you guys really bring the feast to the cemetary? How cool...